Monday, May 18, 2009

and don't ever, ever forget the sweet rice with mango

Unforgettable. I didn't want to look like a pig, but I could have easily eaten several bowls of this dessert. Sue makes it for her children. I suppose at this stage I'm to old to be adopted....

Sweet Rice with Mango

sweet rice
coconut milk
coconut cream

Soak the short grain rice for at least 3 hours, then cook.

In a medium pan, add one can of coconut milk and one can of coconut cream, one cup of sugar and 1 tsp salt. Cook just shy of boiling, while stirring.

Pour out and save 1/2 of the liquid.

When the rice is cooked, add it to the remaining liquid and cover, give several minutes to absorb the liquid.

With the saved liquid, simmer on low, stirring, to make a sauce.

When the rice has soaked up all of the liquid, scoop a generous mound in a bowl. top with cut up fresh mango chunks and pour sauce on top.

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