Monday, May 11, 2009

Club Apple Mother's Day Theme

Here are me and my little cuties, on our last day of Club Apple. Yep, its my shortyshort new haircut.
It was bittersweet having this teaching come to an end: I always enjoy the children, but get wiped out with the process of planning the lesson, from scratch, trying to accommodate all of my learners and keeping them interested. Also, culturally relevant, educational, crafty and fun for all 10-25 of them.
At the end of class they had a gift for me, these beautiful flowers and a picture board of some pictures taken of me and the children through the last year, signed by the parents and with sweet notes that made my eyes water.
On this day we did:
Song: Hello, Hello
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (I pretend I forget the words...then loud...then low)
Story: Are You My Mother
Song: If You're Happy and You Know it
Follow Directions (Play guitar, play drums, go fishing, wash hands motions...)
Story: We're Making Breakfast For Mother (What a weird idea?!?!?!)
flashcards and review
Coloring Worksheets with child's and mother's name and drawing a picture of both (These were very cute)
Craft: Making paper flowers. This was a big hit (see below)!
Fingerplays: Where is Thumpkin
Five Fat Peas
Stickers and Snacks

For fun, I brought both puppy and kitty stickers and let each child chose which kind they wanted.
I baked a vanilla cake with store bought chocolate frosting.

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Peevish said...

Shortyshort is cute on you. Have you considered you might have found your calling?