Monday, May 18, 2009

musings while deconstructing a thrift shop scarf

Well, its been a busy last couple of weeks and I know I haven't been blogging as much lately. I've been:

volunteering at the thrift shop with my buddies, and having a volunteer appreciation lunch where I was given a cool gift card for Chilis (!)

learning how to knit with Emily, Patty and Tara

hiking on the trails with Miss Peach

teaching English

making felt flower pins for three tiny Japanese girls

having tea with the girls and their mothers

being woken up at night by a Pekingese, who has a hematoma in his ear which has been drained by the base vet X4 and is slowly healing, from being dragged by said ear, by Miss Peach

driving said Peke to and from vet

having lunch at a Thai place in Zushi with Patty

having lunch at the Nepalese place in Yokosuka with Emily and my boys

having lunch in Yokohama with my husband, at a mall which we window shopped for hours and all I bought was bakery treats for the boys...

investigating arrangements to get my snub nosed fellow on a plane to the States in late June

looking at the ocean, just looking out into it...

listening to Eckhart Tolle on CD in the car

smelling some heavy spring tree smells and the scent of flowers from my neighbor's garden

catching up on gossip regarding all of the neighbors, from one Ms. Busybody

eating sushi and more sushi in Zushi!

feeling energized and happy after receiving some on-line career counselling through military one source, and after taking tests and writing back and forth, finding that my best fit for future career is what I have been doing all along, which is social work...with a fresh population and on my own, in private practice, using creativity and making my own schedule, my own day, my own interventions...using art, crafts, dogs, nature as therapy, whatever fits the person and situation...

talking with Jose over lunch, during long walks, late at night, about anything and everything, and enjoying time with my best friend

missing my Mom and sisters, and the rest of my family....and friends too

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