Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tater has a Birthday!

Well, we had another birthday party for the Potato, and it seems like he just had one. Or, possible that is just because he has been thinking about it for about a year now. He had everything that he wanted - almost all of his buddies from Sullivan's Elementary, no girls allowed except Mom, his ice cream cake with chocolate cake and frosting and vanilla chocolate chip ice cream, the base bowling alley,and lots of presents. Daddy wasn't here for this birthday (still in San Diego) but it was still a fun day.
I just can't believe he is 11 years old already. Well, yes, he is very 11 years old actually...
As a bonus, while chatting with his friend Mason's Mom, I found a loving home for our Beta fish. And of course his tank and food. The boys and I have now found homes and delivered all of our fish: the beta and the five Zushi matsuri fish which the kids won (much to my shock and dismay). I just couldn't face the thought of flushing them all!

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