Sunday, February 1, 2009

dreaming of Thom Yum soup

It has been ages since I posted last. Little Elf was running with my camera and yup, it fell on the floor and doesn't work anymore. I have taken a few pics with my older son's great little camera, which I bought for him when he announced he was joining the photography club and that he needed one really really bad. His life would be over and he would be the laughingstock of the club, unless he had his own digital camera. Well, the club lasted two weeks and now it is mostly my new camera, except that I have to find out where Frankie put all of the attachments.

I have a neighbor whose husband is going to be in Korea for a while. We have been spending more time together and found an awesome Thai place in Zushi that has very reasonable lunches. She got a chicken basil dish (flavorful but not too spicy) and I got a pork stir fry. With that, we ordered a spicy soup which had shrimp floating in it and took the edge off of our winter blahs! I told Jose that I would like to find the cook and kiss him on the lips once. He didn't think that was as funny as Patty found it that day at lunch.

It would seem that the cook is an older Thai man who really does not come out of the kitchen but we can hear his gruff voice calling to the waiter once in a while. The waiter was a young fellow with bleached tips of spiky hair, who appeared to speak Japanese and Thai, and a few words of English, and offered us a small bowl of fresh cilantro for our soup. He remembered people's orders and did not write anything down, and when it came time to pay, he had it all in his head, for both customers in line.

Anyway, the soup was to die for. I dreamed last night, that I was eating the soup at our kitchen table.

Jose and I went back this weekend. The kids refused to come with us so we had a nice lunch together without them.

The place is on the corner, at the end of the "Zushi Ginza" street, at the end of the street where the King's Store and the sushi takeout place and the 100 yen store and bakery are. It is across from another 100 yen store.

Oh, we will be back. We certainly will.

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