Monday, February 23, 2009

stuff I made on a rainy Monday

Monday was chilly and rainy all day.
The boys hopped off to school with their new lunch tickets and Nate with his grudgingly combed hair. Frankie had gotten himself up at 5 am for some reason and was dressed, ready and having toast when I woke up. After threatening Nate a bit, he also got himself up and dressed, even though he was suffering from various somatic complaints and if I cared at all as a mother, I would have let him sleep in and miss school. Since I was mean and callous, he was sent off and left a quiet peace with me, my coffee, two snoring pups, and the sound of rain.
So I dug out some pieces of material I got from the thrift shop. One was a pair of grey wool Benneton pants with an ink stain featured prominently on the back pocket. This I turned into the plastic bag holder shown above and a pillow.
For the plastic bag holder, I also used a piece of white felt trimmed with craft scallopy scissors and a little hedgehog fellow from the 100 yen store.
For the house pillow, I had lots of old Amy Butler scraps that honestly, I am getting a bit tired of looking at. I embroidered the words, No place like home, but it is hard to see in this picture. It was really modelled after a pillow on that I wanted but couldn't justify buying.
Then there was a pair of green velvet capri pants that were cute, but with some places where the velvet had scraped bare, and made me look like a moldy Swedish meatball. So I patchworked up some more scraps and made another pillow cover. Actually that was my first attempt at the envelope back and it is a bit loose and lumpy. Ah, well, the kids really do not mind when they throw it around and sit on it.

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