Saturday, February 7, 2009

First (finished) kntting project

Knitting is very tricky to learn, in my opinion. I was the only one in the knitting group who so far did not seem to absorb or retain anything of each lesson. I was the slow and special one. I considered asking if anyone minded if I just came and did some cross stitch - just for socialize and work on a craft with the gals.
This week, however, my neighbor took pity on me and sat patiently by my side until things finally sunk in. This lumpy bumpy holey fabulous dishcloth is the result. Its not perfect, but I'm ecstatic - I am learning. Yay!

Since this one I have made two more almost done cloths. The neighbor who I lovingly refer to as Miss Busybody, since she always has the dirtiest dirt on everyone, and loves to dish it out to everyone else, happened to have a husband gone on TAD this month and was looking for a project. And I made a great teaching project, thankfully.
We noshed on cheese and crackers and I carefully spun neutral tales of domestic satisfaction, studious and respectful children, attentive and romantic spouse, dogs just imperfect enough and house just messy enough to be interesting.
She gave me a cone of cotton yarn that she didn't plan to use. It is cream colored, with some green and red. The color is called "Victorian Christmas". For these purposes, this author has renamed it "Strawberries and Cream Fern." I am sure Jose will be washing dishes with this all year round. Ha!


Diane said...

Great job! You may not feel as crafty, but look who's finished her first project! I'm just hoping to finish my scarf before it gets cold again next year.

Peevish said...

Oh, those are the BEST dish cloths! My mother used to commission her friend to knit them for me and my sister.