Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Toshiba Science Museum

Monday was President's Day and both the boys and Jose were off, so we decided to go to a little science museum that we saw in the paper. We took a train (actually two) and a bus to the place in Kawasaki. It was a very nice place, with lots of personalized attention from a tour guide who spoke English. It was a treat for us, because she actually unlocked some exhibits for us and turned on the brightest light bulb in the world: talk about feeling like you are at the beach looking up into a hot sun. there were some fun old things including a very old mechanical wind up doll that would bring you your cup of tea and then return to its spot. There was a spot for broadcasting the weather and you could choose from many different backgrounds. There was a spot where your avatar (?) would mimic your movements as you cast fireballs at some kind of monster.
It was a nice change of pace to get the kids out of the house and having some family fun (we're going to have some fun as a family, dangnabit, and you'll all freakin like it...)
Afterward we ate a late lunch at an Indian place in the mall near the Kawasaki train station. the mall had a 100 yen store, so we had to pick up a back of treasures there.
All in all, a good President's Day.

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