Monday, February 23, 2009

Orders...Uh, waiter..waiter...waiter!!!

Ahhh, this week Jose will get his next orders.

Like a man, he had emailed the detailer asking what his situation was going to be this summer, when orders coming out. After I had wondered about it for a month or two.

What I want to know is, when are we going to move???

Anyway, like a man, he waited a week and then emailed that they would be out sometime this week. Argh,
So, sometime this summer we will go to San Diego, but I'm not sure when.


Mrs. Buttinsky said...

Um, Jose is supposed to tell the detailer what would work best for your family.

cricketspaw said...

Oh! He doesn't know things like that! That's a different perspective - we were kind of having the mindset that we don't really have a say in things at all. I mean, I guess we are newbies in the Navy. Thanks!