Saturday, February 7, 2009

to protect your ipod from flying guava paste

Jose is working a twelve hour shift today and the boys and I are puttering around the house. There are two loaves of wheat bread rising on the counter and here is one of my latest projects - the ipod dock cover. The front and back are made from a piece of Amy Butler fabric from my friend Yuri, the sides are some linen that I cut out from a pair of old men's pants I found at the thrift shop. You can see I perched the dock on top of a tea box, and the cover is a little big and hangs a bit over the sides. But I imagine that it'll shrink after its been washed and dried a bit. This is in the corner of the kitchen.
The thrift shop is a fun place, with a good group of volunteers. Last year at this time, I could hear Tagalog back and forth in the halls. Right now with this mix of gals, it is equally noisy Spanish I hear. I can understand a bit - mostly it is teasing each other in a fun way, treating each other like sisters and making sure everyone has lots of things to snack on, all day long. Last time, someone brought in an entire pizza to snack on and cooked it in a tiny donated toaster oven. There were some crunchy coconut lard nuggets someone brought from Guam that tasted like a donut. There were cut up chunks of Guava paste someone had mailed from home. I had to eat some, or else risk hurting some feelings and stirring some drama across generations and continents! Ay ay ay, it was the least I could do.

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DC Fan said...

Egad, you'll be making toilet paper covers next!