Wednesday, January 21, 2009

lego inauguration

Ok, someone had lots of spare time - this is cute!!
Nate was home sick again yesterday with his wheezy cough thing, and his teacher was nice enough to email his homework for the week. We loafed around together and he did a week's worth of homework in one day. One of the assignments was to imagine you are the president's child, at the big inauguration day parade, and write about the thoughts that are going through your head.
Nate was thinking about he probably had to wear a suit, and probably, we made him take a shower, wash his hair, and get a nice haircut. He thought about living in the white house and going to a different school. He likes Sullivan's elementary just fine but if he had to leave, he'd rather go to Westwood in Blaine, MN. Other than that he thinks the experience would be "a bit cool."
He was looking much better this morning. A little albuterol on top of prying him out of bed with a crowbar, and he was good to go. Thank you, Lord.
Frankie made funnel cakes yesterday in Culinary Club, and came home all excited about making some for us at home. We were forced to get some funnel cake mix at the commissary, and some pie filling. His plan is to sleep in on Fri am, yet another day off for DOD schools, make the funnel cakes, pour cherry pie filling on top and sprinkle the whole thing with powdered sugar.
Since Jose will have Fri off after working some 12 hour shifts, I think it would be most prudent if I stayed in bed until after the cakes were done and the kitchen cleaned. Ha!


Anonymous said...

I hope one of Nate's thoughts was, "If that lady from California hadn't talked so much during the swearing-in and luncheon, the parade would have started on time and there would have been other spectators besides me and my parents!"

H-Bomb said...

Funnel cakes sound good! My studetns had the unique opportunity to watch the swearing in ceremony and speech and most of them didn't do it. Since they bitched about having to come to school that day because of the festivities and then walked away without observing it I told them they could write a reflection paper and attatch a copy of his speech and turn it in by the following class period. Grrrrrrr. That's about how its going for me this month.