Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here you go, grandma!

Here are the boys at 6:30 in the morning as they are getting ready for school. Ok, Mom, take my picture. They are actually cheerful, but they do not want to smile for the camera. Nate is in full-on emo hair mode here. He is almost reminding me a bit of Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy.
Frank is now in Pottery and Guitar on Mondays after school, Robotics Club on Thurs after school, and Photography Club on Fridays. That is a lot of driving for Mom, but that's ok. I'm glad to see him doing well and getting involved in activities. He also had a couple of buddies on the main base. Sam and Frankie are video game champions. Frank and another friend are working on their manifesto, a video documentary of some type.
I have the camera here, but am probably thinking about my coffee and that is most likely why the first pic was a bit blurry. :)

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