Monday, October 20, 2008

Zushi Festival

Frankie gets ready to try his luck at the popular festival game: scoop up a fish!

Nathan with all of his treasures.

Frankie with Ashley, the little neighbor girl he babysits who has a wee crush on him.

Wow, when is the last time he smiled like this in public? (Usually too embarrassed by Mom)

Nate and his best buddy.

On Sunday, the boys and I and some of the courtyard hens and their kids went to the Zushi Festival. It was a great festival.
There was a good flea market, where I found a couple of cute small zippered purses made from yukata fabric, and a pretty scarf. There was a farmers market, and lots of booths selling the usual: chocolate covered bananas, ice cream, cotton candy, toys and games with cheap prizes, lots of grilled meats including squid, octopus balls (betcha didn't know they had any...) okonomiaki with lots of noodles, cabbage and eggy batter, and some mystery foods.
The kids were having so much fun I didn't have the heart to deny them the fish they won fair and square, by skillfully scooping them up with a paper net. But did the kind older Japanese man really have to give them a free fish as a prize for winning a fish?!? *sigh* I suppose I'll have to find them a watery home when we move.

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Ethan & Alisa said...

Thanks for leaving a comment... :)
If you dont mind me asking... are the units that you know of jr/sr/officer units??
Housing is being awful and said they seperate the units by pay grade, and even if one is available... they wont let me take if it's not my hubbys rank.
I dont remember them seperating jr/sr enlisted in the states... sigh... although i do think the officers were seperated.
Thanks for giving me some hope. :):):) i reallllly appreciate it.
We are going on the ikego tour tommorrow. :) i hope its a nice day.