Monday, October 20, 2008


So later we all went to a Kaiten Sushi place in Kamakura, where we sat on stools and watched the sushi go around on a little conveyor belt, grabbing what looked good. Nate managed to find french fries, fried chicken, and a glass of coke. Frankie had his hands full with the naughty little toddler! So cute. He loves kapomaki - cucumber sushi wrapped in seaweed. He likes to stack them up into towers, poke the cucumber out with a chopstick and eat it, line the hollow remains on the chopstick and wave them around, giggling. What a hoot.
Even though, God help me, I have started the South Beach Diet in extreme desperation, I found some miso soup, sashimi (raw fish), and a bowl of steamed veggies and salmon.
Later we drove to Moo Moo in Zushi, so the kids could try the world's yummiest homemade soft serve ice cream.

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