Friday, October 10, 2008

more fall luuuurve

It has been in the low 70's and rainy the last couple of days. So, I've made another fall thing: a table runner. The front is made with two pieces of fabric from Swany's and the back is made with some linen that I found on a clearance sale and have kept in a box in the closet for a while. It is part machine- and part hand-stitched, a very easy thing to make.

The back...

The front.....

The inspiration:
I got inspired by this quilted table topper that I saw on Somebody made it out of the same amy butler fabric that I used for the quilt I made. I love her stuff, but after that quilt I really don't want to work with those scraps for a long time!
5th Graders
Conversation between Nate and the neighbor girl:
"Ew....she like likes me. Not just likes me! Ew."
She turns to me. "See how mean he is? That isn't very nice to say, Nate."
"Yeah, but like like."
"Well, you are kind of cute..." She replies.
"Awww.....yuck....totally not interested."
"Nate," I burst in, "How would you like it if you like liked a girl and got your heart broken by her and your feelings hurt?!?"
"Aww....I'd just have to grab a straw and suck it up....Then I'd just move on to the next girl."
The girl shrugs and looks at me. "Oh, well, he is a bit cute."

Luuuurve, true luuurve....


H-bomb said...

Wow, I love your runner! That is so awesome!!! Really love the print on the fabric that is really neat!! I am inspired.

cricketspaw said...

I am glad you like it Heath, because I was thinking of sending one to you in the mail.... :)

Diane said...

Hi Wendy! Long time no see! Great runner! Love the colors, I'm into rust/orange. I am inspired by your sewing! I've been collecting a little fabric and gearing up to teach myself how to sew. Maybe we can meet at Swany's sometime.