Monday, October 27, 2008

Ladies Who Brag......just saying

Don't you just hate it when ladies brag brag brag about their husband's accomplishments, title, experience, blah blah blah!?! My husband is cooler than yours, and I'm cooler and more hip too, blah blah blah. Maybe it is an occupational hazard amongst wives of MD's, but I have not seen much of it until this year. Some people even put down one kind of doctor over another (ie, surgery over family practice residency etc...)!

My Gott people! Sooo tacky! I can't believe ladies with no jobs themselves, put so much ego into their husbands careers. I also think it is unfortunate that people like that have to act like elitist snobs, and jockey for social position instead of letting their husband's jobs speak for themselves. People should just relax, respect everyone and make some supportive friendships. Have more fun and worry less about what your husband does, and more about other people. Ah, well. You know who you are. Oh, maybe you don't!

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heather said...

oh Yeah? Well, my brother in law is a really cool doctor in the NAVY and he gets to sail to cool places......Love the Nellie pics. Love EM!!!