Thursday, January 8, 2009

morning at the Gomez manor

This picture of Miss Peach is actually a few weeks old, from after she got spayed (poor Peach) at the Hayama animal hospital. Giving Daddy lots of love. Luuurve.
Since the spay went too well, the slight limping she has had has gotten progressively more noticeable and I had to take her back to the vet yet again. I think she is spending entirely too much time over there even if he is a kind and very handsome fellow. Apparently she has some problem in large boned puppies where the growing bones put stress on the joints and cause some swelling and soreness, otherwise called "growing pains".
They put her on a supplement, glucose amine condroitin, which seems to help a bit. She is supposed to rest and not do anything crazy (ha!). She is supposed to live on a carpeted surface (ha! I don't have any left with two dogs in the townhouse, at least not downstairs, but I will keep an eye out for a rug of some sort that can be washed in some way).
Miss Peach's favorite thing to do is be let loose in the football field to tear around (until Mom gets busted by security - who knew it was against the rules?), scramble up the little hills, jump in the narrow little stream and lay in the mud until I lure her out with some sort of biscuit. She has a hard life.
Then there is Little Toot having cereal. He has had a good week. Yesterday the class had a tour of the ship, Sullivans. Guns and missile stuff everywhere, sooo cool. And the sailors were, like, really cool, and with guns. And cool tatoos, one guy. Yeah. Ahem.
Big Boy is contributing to science by volunteering his time playing video games with his best pal, Sam.
I realised that this buddy is the kid who's Dad got deployed and when that happened the Navy moved their family on to the main base in a townhouse, yet when it happened to us, the housing office was all, well, noooooo...anyway, this boy is a sweet and very intelligent kid.
Anyway his parents as well, they are good people. You can't hold it against someone that they had a good experience with housing! Anyway, we are happily settled now...
Frankie is playing Halo or something on the X box, for two hours, then having his reflexes tested, for a research project that Sam is doing. So far, interestingly, playing video games appears to slow one's reflexes / or response time at first, then after a time they return to normal. Perhaps because the boys minds are so focused on a narrow pattern or responses for a while??
Anyway, I know what a hardship it is for Frank to help with this project.

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