Thursday, January 8, 2009

something I don't need...

Ok, I have just gotten something I don't need on line, from Ann Taylor Loft. I have lusted after this jacket for a while and can longer resist the lure - today it went on big sale. I don't know how it will work with the jeans and sweatshirts I normally wear, but its so cute, and sweet, and sunny yellow! I'll hang it in the closet and look at it once in a while, probably. Jose will be so glad I got this when we are really saving for a down payment on a house in San Diego. :)
Now, if only I would look just like the model when I wear it!

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H-Bomb said...

I love it! I ordered shoes that were on super sale and now I regret it. I guess shoes are too risky for me. You can wear it to your knitting club because the sleeves are short and they wont get in the way!