Saturday, January 3, 2009

new years resolutions from cricket's paw

Wendy's New Years Resolutions

Drink coffee every morning.

Go to most book club meetings, and when I go, try to read the book beforehand.

When Natsumi-chan barks, let her outside before she pees on the floor.

Keep those last ten pounds to celebrate being almost 40.

keep the white linoleum floors at least a light grey.

finish some of my craft projects, and leave some of them in piles in boxes

do the dishes once in a while

do some laundry once in a while

family game night once a week

embrace the idea that socks do not have to match - it will take out much of the stress of our mornings

try to speak straight from the heart most of the time, and be kind

keep the car a bit messy

stop trying to wear white tops and go for mixed prints that will not show stains

exercise at least once a month

lay an the floor and wrestle with the dogs every night

get the boys doing more household chores!!!

buy handmade as much as possible, recycle, donate stuff and declutter the house

get to know some of the local crows a bit better, and have some fun with hawks, hot dog pieces, and the boy's slingshot

learn the constellations and spend time outside at night looking at them, with the boys


Peevish said...

Sounds like you could use the telescope we bought Matt for his 11th birthday, about two weeks before we moved to Bethesda and couldn't see the stars for all the city lights . . .

H-Bomb said...

I love it! WHat about swearing at the neighbors every other day...Having more loud sex when the kids are gone...Eat more dark chocolate and drinking more wine. Those are a few of mine, but you can borrow them. : )

H-Bomb said...

PS I love the new wallpaper!