Thursday, January 8, 2009

I got mail!

Cool beans! A surprise care package in the mail for my buddy Yuri. She sent a cookbook of Cuban cooking which looks like a great book, a cookbook of pumpkins and squashes, with gorgeous pics in it, very inspiring, some Amy Butler quarter yard pieces. The fabric is so pretty I can't cut into it just yet. The colors are much brighter than they look in this picture, for some reason. Then, since they were in Washington DC, she sent me a Starbucks cup from there. So sweet. They are in San Diego probably moving into their new house over the next couple of days, if the signing went according to plan. They are waiting for us!
I miss Yuri - she lived next door and was constantly knocking on the door, or lets face it, opening the door and just coming in! It has been awfully quiet around here since she moved. Ok, peaceful, but awfully quiet. Today I'm going to try to make her husband's most awesome cappuccino cheesecake and see how it goes. With a spring form pan, no less.
Now, to find some fun Japanese treats to send her, and probably from Swany's...

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H-Bomb said...

Gorgeous fabric!! Have fun!!