Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have to confess, I'm not a very good housekeeper. For that, I blame my mother. My Mom, who is not only my mother but also my dear friend, not only had six children but works as an emergency room nurse. She rarely had time to do the sort of things people do around the house when they "clean". Sure, she had days off where she cleaned, and we had chores and we all tried, when forced by our parents, to pick up and keep things neat. But it was always a losing, continuous battle.

My dear husband lives in the world of daydreams and lofty thoughts. He could stumble over a pile of clutter that I left at the foot of the stairs for someone to bring up, and live peacefully with it. He has a high tolerance for obstacles blocking his path to the computer or his model Japanese castle. He doesn't notice crumbs on the counter when he goes to make his green tea, or that the cups are all dirty except the one he finds, or perhaps that it takes the grimy bathroom sink five minutes to drain when he shaves or washes his hands. He happily drives a car with empty plastic bottles piled high in the passenger side: they don't obstruct his view of the road, after all.

And yes, I husband is working here in Japan and I am not. So what is my excuse for not embracing this role and fulfilling it properly? I'm just not good at it. Housework just doesn't occur to me.

I blame Mom....but wait a minute, shouldn't I blame Dad too?!?


Alisa said...

Beautifully written!
I only wish my hubby would be as tolorent! He is the opposite...

EmilySullins said...

I'm right there with you. Although I bought a Dustbuster this week and it's making a difference! Something about not having to lug out that huge vaccuum every time I see a little problem spot.

Peevish said...

I'm with you, too, and I blame my mother because she set standards so high no one could possibly meet them. My sister and I haven't made our beds since the day we left home 100 years ago.

Krista said...

I'm with ya! I am not a good "everyday picker-upper" and well you know my husband isn't either. Every once in awhile I am a clean freak for a day (like today) and then it soon falls apart.

mom said...

Ok, I am the quilty mother. I think my standards are just too high for any one else to try to mirror! I have the grandpuppies over to clean up crumbs that are left over on the floors or stay cats! I loved my children of the corn way more than a clean house!

Diane said...

Funny that I'm actually trying to clean today! But I hate how it's undone in a matter of hours, especially the vacuuming and clutter. I blame my dog and my children for my less than tidy house. And I'd still rather go somewhere fun than stay home and clean any day. But I could blame my mother for the fact that I'm never happy with the level of cleanliness in my house.

Alisa said...

Thanks so much for your Sweet Comment! ;)
I try very hard to see the positive in everything,... this 3 yr 'vacation' we are on... I am trying to make the most of it,.... for the kids (& me too! haha~!).

And... i do think it was a Meerkat... HOW COOL! huh?