Friday, March 6, 2009

Ikego woods

I put on my lucky sweatshirt this morning and set out to find Tikki, the little lost dog from PAWS. My heart ached for the timid little fellow, who was outside over two rainy nights, somewhere int he woods. If I was a lost dog, I would certainly hunker down in a nice dry den, like a small cave, hollow beneath an overturned tree, underneath the porches of the MWR cabins, or in the rusting hulks of the area I call "the graveyard of the anchors".
After about an hour it was pretty clear that he wasn't strolling along the main hiking trails (ha!). I heard human voices calling for him from the distance, and neighborhood dogs barking, crows calling and the occasional shriek of a hawk overhead. There was a dog toward Zushi and one further in the hills. Squirrels were rustling in the brush.
I tried to stay away from the human sounds, because he is a timid fellow, and the humans were noisy. I can be a solitary gal myself, at times.
I met a couple from PAWS who were out searching as well, and apparently security had seen him but he ran away and they were unable to catch him.
I was wandering around the anchor and chain graveyard, looking for a sign of him. I don't know where all of the caves and little dens are yet, I have not pent enough time there. But I was getting thirsty and tired. I stood for a long time staring at the bamboo beyond the rusting piles, breathing in the sweet organic scent of the breeze.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sweet little, dirty little white face peeking around a rusty pile at me. Tikki!!!
I came over and saw that he had his leash on, and it was caught, and that he was very timid. He was not aggressive thankfully, and I quickly had him on our trusty green 100 yen leash, eating treats and trotting back to the main campground.
What a rush.
That is my story for the day.

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Nancy B said...

What a great story! How many times in life can we say we find what we are looking for? I think you are a dog whisperer!