Monday, March 2, 2009

Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto behind the plum blossoms.

It is also called "the Crow" because of all of the black exterior.

We also enjoyed seeing Matsumoto Castle, which happens to have a huge collection of old weapons, including ammunition and armor. The boys enjoyed this more than anything, but I like to see the old castles too. Huge thick beams of cypress, fir, spruce and cedar, worn and polished by hands and feet...the walls were thick and the interior was dark and cold.

Each castle has its own feeling and history, of course. But they all have the obligatory gift shop with local candies, treats, coins with the imprint fo the castle (which the boys must always have) and special ink stamp. We have seen several castles in Japan, the closest being Odawara Castle. The boys and I saw Himeji Castle "the White Heron" without Daddy when he was deployed, so he missed out on that one.

Since we are moving in a few months, we are a bit sad that more than likely, we will not get to see all of the castles of Japan while we are here.

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