Thursday, July 3, 2008

My ole buddy Meredith

We paid a visit to my ole buddy Meredith, who has a precious new baby girl. Isn't she sweet? I think about two months old now. Big brother Charley is a sweetheart, and showed me how he changes diapers and uses the wipes on his blow up froggy. He is a good brother to Lydia (Sp??). Anyway, since Meredith is such a groovy chick, Auntie Wendy brought over some matching tie die for the kids. Here we are having lunch at Dino's Gyros in Saint Paul, a great city. Meredith is a social worker who used to work with me, and that is how we became friends. She now works nights doing psych for the ER. She was trying to convince me that I might like it, after I complained about how much I miss working and using my social work degree. I probably would like it, except that I like to sleep at night. I especially don't like to be woken up for a psychiatric emergency! Not pictured is Frankie who tried a gyro for the first time and polished off the entire 26 pound thing.

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