Tuesday, July 29, 2008

another birthday party....

The cutie little neighbor girls, the bane of Nate's existence, had a birthday party at the bowling alley last weekend. At the top are two of the sisters whose birthdays were just a week apart. Then, my boys. Frankie discovered that even though he is a big cool teenage boy now, it is still fun to hang out at kids parties, especially when his friends are roped in by their parents as well. Then my neighbor and good pal Yuri (head cut off) and her husband and tiny little girl learning to bowl with Dad.
Afterwards we went up to a model shop in Yokohama with Yuri and her little family, to let the boys check out some cool models. Frankie got into the gundam, Jose got the battleship Yamato, and Nate found some naughty models meant for much older boys. Yuri and I walked around and found a Starbucks, window shopped a bit, then wound our way back to the boys. Once they were good and done at the model shop and had a Japanese guys staffing the shop good and giggling, we went to Chinatown for some Chinese food for dinner.

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