Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Middle School Angst

Well, Frankie will be a very old man with a long grey beard by the time he is finished with all of the extra chores I have lined up for him. I am really enjoying making the list for him, and have much of the day free to do this while he is enjoying his day of school.
Last night I got one of those surprise emails from a teacher saying that he had failed a major assignment and was being given 24 hours to revise and turned in what he was told to do 9 weeks ago.
At 6 pm, he finally confessed that he had been having technical problems putting sound files into his work and so, rather than go to the teaches, decided to heck with the sound files. He informed me that he would need a certain headset from the NEX, located 30 minutes away on the main base. It is lucky that I was not planning on cooking any dinner anyway.
After returning from the base with this and, my York Peppermint Patty, and my new DVD, The Other Boleyn Girl, sure to be a guilty pleasure, he worked on his project for a few hours. Then he announced that he needed a CD to save it on.
We tore through Jose's boxes of stuff and found some miscellaneous things which would not work. The computer was making a weird grinding noise which was not encouraging. Frankie went to bed about 11 and I lay awake worrying about how an apparently gifted child could be so completely lacking in organizational skills.
At 6 am, we went next door to ask to father of another middle schooler, who was awake and understood my issue, for a CD, which we had and it worked. Saved the day!
I am really enjoying this list of gross chores that I've been putting off myself. Now, to clean the toilet with a toothbrush...or just the toilet brush...?

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