Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a little rain must fall...

Here he is out in the backyard. He was still having GI problems, including runny poops and barfing on the white linoleum floor of ours, so the vet told me to keep him on the diet of boiled chicken, rice, and a bit of cottage cheese for a few days longer. As of this morning, things "appear" to be back to normal so after a few more days, hopefully I'll switch him back to regular food. Poor Cricket! Mopping the floors has been a hoot. Now matter how messy the house has been, it smells like pine action.

Well, that is the nicest, sunniest art of my post. Do you ever notice how some blogs are so sickly sweet it makes a person gag? Well, this is not going to be one of those blogs. Life is complicated, there are ups and downs. Lets make this a real record, something genuine.

The day before yesterday I woke up with a dull headache and thinking about stopping at the base for coffee. My neighbor was sweet and brought me a Toyko Starbucks cup. He has got me convinced that I need one for all the cities I visit. He is a fun househusband. Anywhoo, out of coffee. Ok. I bring Nate to his 7:30 dentist appt, and sit it the waiting room nursing my caffeine withdrawal symptoms while this dementedly cheerful woman, a total stranger, prattled on to me at the top of her lungs, about scrapbooking. Scrapbooking, for God's sake. Her hair was long, smooth and shining, lip gloss, hugely pregnant and too cute for the morning hour. There is no reason for it.

Nate did not have any cavities but they recommended a sealant on the back molars which they didn't have time to do. As I stopped by the appt desk, they told me that there was no more available appts but I should call by 7:30 the next day to get the next available one, when the new schedule opened. WTF? The next day by 1:30 when I remembered, they were booked. WTF? Make some times in the future.

Went to the autoport to have them replace the headlight cover which I smashed months ago in the Daie Mall due to a pole suddenly moving in front of my car, and they said they were too busy, to come back tommorrow. WTH? You told me to come back today!? Yes, we are very busy today. I am very sorry. He was a handsome Japanese fellow looking about 16. I made an appt for next week.

Later at Starbucks I nursed a grande cappuccino, with cinnamon on top. It was wonderful. Outside, the effects of a mild typhoon blew rain on all of the cars in the lot. It is days like this that I miss the civilian world: bringing my car in to a place and having it fixed, and using that ole consumer back door if I'm not happy with a service. Having a receptionist open up an appt book and schedule something, even if its a couple of months out, because they don't have dentist moving every summer and creating a staffing crisis. Ah, well.

It was darned good coffee anyway. It just makes everything better.

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