Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kids in Minnesota

Well, we are back home for a month and enjoying two sets of grandparents, and my grandmother as well. Frankie and Nate are riding here on the back of Uncle Matt's 1940's jeep, at my Granny's farmhouse. They are not thrilled to have their picture taken, but we were all having fun. The most fun was having a bit of wine and then chasing the nephews around for a picture. Nothing but action shots!
This week I split the boys up: Big boy went to Cookie Grandma's to learn the Cuban ways of cooking, starting with a most awesome flan with caramel sauce. Nathan came with me up to Dinosaur Grandma's to do a bit of thrift stores, restaurants, and the movie. "Get Smart" It was funny! Nate especially enjoyed the foul language and occasional crude humor. Fun flick!
The kids have been enjoying being beat up by all of their relatives: not only the grandparents but Aunties Heather and Jeanne, Uncle's Joe, Ben and Matt and now Leroy, Heather's husband, and Joe's wife Lindsay added to the family tree makes a great get together.
It is nice to be back in my hometown, and I've enjoyed taking some long walks in the morning with Mom.

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