Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cool Pants

Look at these cutie little pants. In fact, this is the best picture I ended up getting of the suprize going away party for Kathy K on Sunday. Now, lots of people are moving right now. If it was just one of those stiff gatherings to honor someone whose husband happens to have a high rank I would not have gone. But Kathy is special. She has opened her heart and home to all of us. She has cared and taken care of us. It is our first and last move with the Navy and Kathy has changed my experience of Navy life a bit, for the better. If there is any gathering we want to do for the Oakleaf club, it was at Kathy's. If there was any problem anyone is not sure how to solve, call Kathy. When we wanted to move on base and were having frustrations with the @#!^ housing office, Kathy went to the office with me, more than once. At Christmas time, we baked cookies at her house. At Easter time, she had an Easter egg hunt. Kids were always welcome.

Plus, Kathy is one of my two or three loyal readers! Hee hee.

My big regret is that I was not brave enough to try the Karioke machine. But it was still daylight and since I had to drive myself and Nate back to Ikego, did not enjoy the sangria that was calling my name. You know, I tried to get Frankie to go with me, but he said, "Ah, know how I hate large social gatherings" Just like his Papa!

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