Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taz takes a walk

Whew! I just got back from walking the dogs and let me tell you, I worked up a sweat. I gave up trying to make Natsumi heel, and focused on trying to break up fights! When I say fights, I mean fights to the death, where Natsumi tries to shake Cricket by the neck and Cricket turns into the Pekingese tasmanian devil. I do not speak dog very well, so I'm not sure what brings on the fights, but I have learned not to break them up using my naked furless human hands. Using the leashes, I held them apart as best as I could and we made a bee-line for home.

Doggone it.

Here are my two strategies: tell them a firm "no" and tug them apart roughly using their leash.

Frankie's favorite: tell them a firm "no" while squirting a strong stream of water directly in their evil little faces.

I am all for Frankie's strategy, except that I have noticed that after Frank made up the official dog separator and discouragement device from an old bottle of that 7th Generation counter and pee spot cleaner, he began having too much fun with it. He developed an evil glee about him as he began using the spray for such infractions as: looking at his guitar, sniffing the remote control, and yawning loudly.

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Hezzo said...

Hee hee. Maybe she doesn't like to be looked at while she is parading about town...or maybe she just smell bad?