Sunday, March 7, 2010

The San Diego Dog Festival Thingamajig

See the tiny little feeder that cricket is standing by? There is a gal who makes these food dishes. This one was the perfect size for Cricket and we picked it up at this dog festival thing here in an Diego. This gal apparently finds old wooden crates, Coke boxes, etc, and paints or stencils or finishes them, then routs out the perfect size hole to set a food dish inside. So cute! And, she makes some ceramic dishes to set inside. I absolutely could not resist getting one for Cricket even though most of the ones she had there were more cat sized really. We also picked up many treats for our spoiled pooches and almost, almost, a baby sister for them both. Jose had to try reasoning with me that we cannot handle any more dogs. We really cannot have more than two. We cannot. Really. Jose had to drag me away from this beautiful, sunny, happy Akita rescue girl who had been rescued from some situation or other, at one year of age had already had one litter of pups, and was in foster care. Look at that precious face!!! Instant love.

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