Tuesday, April 14, 2009

spring has sprung, the grass has riz...

Finding this website, http://hdt.typepad.com/henrys_blog/ has added another dimension of brightness to our morning coffee here at the Casa de Gomez. You can click on, and read what Henry David Thoreau wrote on that date, in his journal.
That and this brilliant Japanese spring has left us feeling a bit sentimental over here. When the sun comes up, we can hear new songbirds calling and when it goes down, we hear the tiny new crickets at our feet. The cherry blossoms have graced us with their pale show and already blown into drifts along trails and roads and sidewalks.
Yep, I found my first centipede in the bathroom at an inopportune moment, and I'm still not sure what became of him but I think he is in the closet waiting for me.
Our mole friend has left his calling card of fresh tunnels in the yard but I think he has retreated to the forest, so we've sprinkled grass seed once again.
It's t-shirt weather over here, and we've been out enjoying it.
Have a happy spring everyone!

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EmilySullins said...

Gosh, it is beautiful isn't it? Even with the cherry blossoms gone, this place is stunning.

I haven't seen a centipede yet - I think I will scream like a girl and run away. Possibly to the Arctic Circle.