Thursday, October 8, 2009

everyday life over here...

It's been awhile since I last posted. I had been feeling so tired, so worn out, even though I wasn't depressed at all and in fact liking like here in San Diego and the prospect of a new job even. the boys were doing great, the weather is great here all the time. So why so droopy and craving the naps?

Well I didn't ponder too much on it, but then happened on an appointment for a physical and found out my iron was pretty low. Not tragically, but enough that I started on an iron supplement and you know, that pale looking, shadow under my eyes thing I haven't thought too much about this summer is pretty much going away also, and my energy is coming back. So, cool beans!! Female trouble, don't you know. Otherwise known by doctors as "God's Curse."

But enough about that, no one wants to know about that stuff, for gosh sakes!!

My new job pretty much rocks so far, but I know we are in the honeymoon phase of working. It feels so good to be back at something and feeling like I can make a difference and getting paid for it. The hours could not be better: part time, 9-2, four days a week. I can drive Frankie home from school and be back by the time Nate gets off the bus. They are hoping I get the CA license but hired me anyway. The pay would be what I was getting last time I worked, plus 3 years of cost of living. Sooo awesome. And, every morning I drive clutching my coffee and cruising over the long rollercoaster known as the Coronado bridge. Or whatever.

Knitting projects on the needles:

The Boneyard Shawl (free on ravelry, cool pattern, practical and warm)
The Sparkle Shawl (making with SWTC yarn, yin and yang the sequined yarn)
The Malvie Wrap (a Berrocco pattern, cannot say too much about this one...hee hee)

There are many many seeds of projects and balls of beautiful yarns that are just holding a spot in the closet. Lately I have been obsessed with shawls and wraps. I have decided that they are not just for old ladies anymore, at all. they are great for the beach when the sun goes down and it gets cooler, or something to throw on when walking the pups.

Must make:

The Little Colonnade (ravelry)
Ishbel (Isolda Teague)
the garter stitch cardi (on ravelry, a pattern on sale from $5 to $2.99

So that is my domestic life over here. Knitting, working, kids, dogs. And oh, yeah, that guy that goes in the fridge and eats stuff. Thank you so much Tara, Emily and the other Oakleaf girls for turning me on to knitting!! :)

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Peevish said...

Whoohoo, glad you're back. I'm knitting my first scarf and loving the sense of productivity. Think I'll go take a Vitamin D now.